Thursday, December 23, 2010


pagi tadi on hp celcom, ad 3 message masuk..1 message drpd seorg manusia yang pernah ak suka..tapi hati hancur lepas sesuatu terjadi..hmm..die kate..saw u with a girl,glad u found one..camtula bunyinya..padahal..ak perasan..bukan die yang nampak..mmber dia yang nampak.then bile ak on9 tadi.ak sedar die da block ak kat fb..bukan remove, block!ak tak phm betul..aku ke salah?haih..apa2 pun semoga bahagia dengan pilihan awak.=)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


what do i need in love?
i'm still confuse with it..
i have a plenty of choices which i keep them hanging..
cuz i just dunno what to do..
dunno what i want in love..
sometimes it makes me jealous to see other couples are happy while i dont have anyone special in my life..
but i enjoyed being single because there is nothing to worry about n i am free to do anything that i want..
oh god..i'm going to hurt somebody..hurm